German Army M24 Stick Grenade - Superior

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German Army M24 Stick Grenade - Superior

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WW2 M24 Potato Masher

Reproduction German M24 Stick Grenade.

The M24 Potato Mashers demonstrated a significant step in grenade design. The stick shape allowed for them to be thrown much farther than its competitors, as well as being much less likely to roll back down the hill towards you!

These non-functioning replicas have a removable, die-struck metal head authentic waffenamt stamps and markings, with similar markings on the wooden handle. The head can be unscrewed, as well as the screw cap bottom which contains a porcelain bead on the pull cord.

These high quality replica M24 'Kartoffelstampfer' are strikingly similar to the real thing. They're great for re-enactors, or as a nice display piece.

Please note: This item is eligible for delivery to the UK Mainland only by courier, due to shipping restrictions and regulations. They are non-functioning reproductions with no live ammunition, and are for display purposes only.

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