Reenactment Groups

Day of Days Living History Group

Day of Day Living History Group are based at the former Upottery Airfield in Devon. The Airfield was home to the 439th Troop Carrier Group USAAF up to and just after D-Day. It is most famous for the airfield that Easy Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne left from.

With members from all over the country, they are mainly centred around the US Airborne experience, and aim to commemorate all of the units that were at the airfield, whether that be the 101st or 82nd Airborne, the USAAF Air and Ground crews, US Navy, or RAF units that were there. With members who are Round Canopy Parachute qualified, they are also your gateway to get involved if you wish to ‘earn your jump wings’ in the future!


For more details, visit their Facebook page.

Day of Days Reenactment Group

Kondor Kommando Spanische Streifkorps

Kondor Kommando Spanische Streifkorps are a volunteer re-enactment and airsoft group based in Spain, portraying the German battle during World War II.

For more details, visit their Facebook page or follow them over on Instagram.


WWII Re-enactment South West

Whether you are an independent re-enactor or a member of a specific unit within the South West of England, the purpose of this site and the associated member’s forum is to link together all serious and authentic Second World War re-enactors, in order that we can share experience, knowledge and the enjoyment of our hobby.

For more details, visit their website or Facebook page.


304th Panzergrenadiers Reenactment Group

The 304th Panzergrenadiers Reenactment Group are a ww2 re-enactment group based in the South of England, portraying the 304th Panzer Grenadier Regiment of the 2nd Panzer Division.

For more details, visit their Facebook page or follow them over on Instagram.


Vietnam War Experience

With 74 members worldwide, The Vietnam War Experience are a new and exciting group, re-enacting a variety of units and periods of the  War.

They're open to new members but insist on correct uniforms and accuracy throughout. They take part in living history and battle reenactments across the country, all year round and having met the guys personally, they're extremely knowledgable and look the part. Often stopping to answer questions about their equipment and attire from passers by, they're highly respected on the re-enactment scene.

Go and give their Facebook page a follow and get in touch with them if you're interested in joining or have any questions.


WWII Airsoft reenactors

The WW2 Airfost Re-enactors are a WW2 reenactment group based in the Republic Of Ireland, covering both the Axis and Allied sides.

WW2 Airsoft Reenactors

Currently with around two dozen members (male and female) they take part in regular WW2 based skirmishes and reenactments all over the country. WW2 A.R. pride themselves on being open and friendly and enjoy talking to the public and the various shows we attend.

Go and give their Facebook page a follow and get in touch with them if you're interested in joining or have any questions.

Monty's Double

Monty's Double

Colin Brooks-Williams is Britain's No1 'Monty' Lookalike and Impersonator and can be seen at many high-profile events nationwide. He is a known authority on the life and history of Bernard Law Montgomery and his War-time 'Double' M.E.Clifton James, and the parts both men played in the D-Day deception plan codenamed : 'Operation Copperhead'.

Historical accuracy and authenticity with 100% attention to detail is key to his professional portrayal. Constant study and research over many years has enabled him to personally recreate Monty's uniforms, clothing and many sets of medal ribbons and actual medals, and to replicate his particular mannerisms and speech patterns. Colin prides himself on staying 'in character' at all times to give the most precise and sympathetic portrayal possible, which is always done with the greatest respect to the memory of 'Monty'.

Many fact-finding visits have been made to historically significant sites, including Monty's home and final resting place in the village of Alton in Hampshire; Aldershot Military Museum, and the D-Day Map Room at Southwick House on D-Day Anniversaries and the Imperial War Museum in London. Colin owns an interesting collection of letters written and signed by B.L.Montgomery, as well as signed copies of books written by Monty and his war-time 'double' M.E.Clifton James, amongst many other fascinating items of Monty memorabilila.

In the course of his research, Colin was able to help the Australian War Memorial Museum by correctly identifying previously unknown badges on Monty's Australian 'Slouch' Hat, the origin of which had been a mystery to them, and has recreated the only 100% accurate replica of this early 'El Alamein' headwear to be seen outside of the Museum. This is the hat that Monty wore briefly in the desert, before adopting the world-famous beret with two badges.

Colin's background is within the Cinema, his whole family having been in the business of managing and running cinemas from the 1930s until 2008, and he first entered the projection room at the age of four. Lately he has appeared as an 'Extra' on TV, and in the Theatre for The National Theatre's production of 'An Inspector Calls' (in 2012 and again in 2015), and spent a day driving a WW2 Jeep he owned up and down the beach for an episode of the BBC's 'Coast' programme. He is currently studying Performing Arts at Llandrillo College.

Colin is a member of the Film Artistes Association (FAA) and theBroadcasting Entertainment Cinema and Theatre Union (BECTU) with full public liabilty insurance cover, and is also a member of 'Equity' the actor's union. He is also a supporter of the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund(CTBF), and the British Film Institute.


284th rifle division

The 284th focus on portraying the technical and specialist elements of the Red Army. Primarily we recreate Vasili Zaitsev's own 284th rifle division who later became the 79th guards, however we also portray other formations spanning the entire eastern front.

284tth Rifle Division

As a unit, we aim to recreate life at the front during the Great Patriotic War as accurately and as authentically as possible. We do this by simulating the conditions as closely as we can, cutting out the home comforts, eating authentic food and each member is fully trained on tactics of the era with many chances to put them to use! We research every impression that we undertake down to each stitch and have attended events as infantry, engineers, artillery and snipers so far and are currently working on a joint armored project with the 13th guards Tank Brigade.

The group attends a variety of shows across the country from living history events and staged battle reenactments to private fully immersive tacticals which take place out of season. Members come together to show a mutual interest in the history of red army during the GPW and share our meticulously researched information which contributes to a greater understanding of the period. Membership is open to anyone who's enthusiastic and has passion for military history!

More information on the group can be found here...




Instagram: @284thrifledivision 

Kampfgruppe Hoffman Reenactment Group

Kampfgruppe Hoffman Reenactment Group

We at Kampfgruppe Hoffman Mainly portray the men of the 6.SS Gebirgs Division. However, we also bring a myriad of others to the table such as, Infanterie Regiment 29 (heer), Waffen Grenadier Regiment 45, Gebirgsjagerregiment 138/139, Even Finnish and Soviet!

Kampfgruppe Hoffman has been reenacting in the East and Midwest United States for over 20 years and its namesake is in Honor of our founder who unfortunatley recently passed. If you are looking for a High authenticity and "Hardcore" unit with an emphasis on the realities and every day life of the German, Finnish or Russian combat soldier on the front in WW2 then this is for you.

Kampfgruppe Hoffman teaches proper marching, rifle drills, squad tactics as well as period correct ways to keep warm and hydrated during events. We also do our own private training events which include Day-long marches, learning how to build period correct shelters, how to traverse terrain in the exact ways they did during WW2.

Our favorite is our winter training events, No matter the temperature and no matter the weather we are out there! No details are overlooked in this unit as one of our mottos from our Authenticity expert is "Details count".

Please check out our facebook page

We hope to see you on the battlefield


Axis Allied (AX-AL) Reenactment Group

Axis-Allied (AX-AL) are a family orientated group who solely aim to accurately portray men, women and equipment of WW1 and WW2. We aim to preserve the past and keep history alive we do this by attending events all over the United Kingdom.

Axis Allied (AX-AL) Reenactment Group

Our main focus is aimed at providing an accurate and professional living history displays which allow us to educate the general public. We also take part in mock battle re-enactments, school displays and filmwork.

The group was formed in 2014 by experienced re-enactors who all have spent many years researching and portraying their chosen units. We are a Non-Political, Non-Profit making organisation with membership covering from Edinburgh to the Isle of Wight. Most of our members are based in and around Yorkshire, Lancashire, the North East and the Midlands.

We portray a range of units including WW1 Italian, Russian, British and German and WW2 German, British, Soviet and American.


Facebook Page:

The American Infantry Association (AIA) Living History Group

The American Infantry Association (AIA) Living History Group

The American Infantry Association (AIA) Living History Group is a new WW2 US group comprised of members both experienced and new to living history.

The AIA seeks to break the boundaries of current trends in the UK WW2 living history community, and instead chooses to focus on the backbone of the US army in WW2- the humble infantry soldier. Often unrepresented in the hobby, the AIA seeks to put the focus firmly back into the footslogging GI.

Accuracy and authenticity are essential elements of the AIA as we portray the US infantryman of WW2 as he really was; using only authentic uniforms, equipment and weapons as they would have been worn and used. Our standards are high, deliberately so, and only fit to honour the veterans who did it for real.

You will not see the AIA at events with a huge camp, scores if weapons laid in neat rows or enough vehicles to equip the Red Ball Express, but instead real representations of GIs in the field- foxholes, pup tents and what they could carry. AIA members spend their time at events eating, sleeping and living as it was done in WW2, in between patrols and engagements with the enemy.

If you seek to represent the WW2 infantryman as accurately as possible, creating an impression that in black and white could be mistaken for the real thing, then the AIA is your group!” 


1st Infantry Division Living History Group

One of the longest running groups in the UK, the 1st Infantry Living History Group are dedicated to representing the men of E Company, 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division

1st Infantry Division Living History Group

The group takes part in displays throughout the year up and down the country, from small local shows to large multi-period events involving 100+ re-enactors if you’re interested in joining us or just want to know at little more on the history of this great unit check out our web site or facebook page.

9 Panzer Aufklarung

9 Panzer Aufklarung

We had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience 2015! They are a Norwegian-based reenactment group portraying the 9. Panzer Aufklärung from the 9. Panzer Division of the German Army during the second world war.


D-Day Soldier - U.S Airborne Engineers & The Royal Engineers of the Second World War

As a group, we have been established since 2011, re-enacting, teaching and taking part in mock-battles throughout the UK

D-Day Soldier - U.S Airborne Engineers & The Royal Engineers of the Second World War

Established as a interpretation, re-enactment group focused on world war two mock-battles, we were already veterans of the Living History side of re-enactment, and experienced mock-battle participants. In founding the group our aim was to incorporate living history display into event battle areas, where not only public interaction could be encouraged but also a standing base from where mock-battle scenario conditions could be commenced and replicated in a more authentic manner.

Visit their website

Irish Lads with a passion for WW2 - Battle Group Centre

Irish Lads with a passion for WW2 - Battle Group Centre

An Irish non-political reenactment group dedicated to preserving the memory of the WW2 German soldier through public displays and film work

Battlegroup Centre is dedicated to portraying the German WW2 Soldier as accurately as research and materials will allow as well as to better educate ourselves and the public at large about this part of history that is often overlooked or misinterpreted.

We carefully research and document all of our uniforms, equipment,and items and also train in the use and maintenance of all weapons used by the group we work towards keeping history alive for future generations to learn from. We appear at military shows and festivals throughout Ireland and seek to present the uniforms and weapons of the WW2 period in an accurate manner. BGC also participates in period movies and productions. Our members have appeared in such works as Ireland’s Nazis, Kruger’s Justice and Backtrack (2014). For more information please visit their website


ACE Mobile Living History Group

consists of civilian and former military members, portraying an All-Arms Light Role Recce Troop from the British contingent to the Allied Mobile Force

ACE Mobile Living History Group

This was a little-known but strategically important force during the Cold War, as it protected Europe on NATO's southern and northern-most flanks. Attending living history and reenactment events throughout the year, the group displays equipment and vehicles typical of a forward force from ACE Mobile, aiming to educate, entertain and inform the public whilst raising funds for military charities.

116 Panzer Division ‘Der Windhund’

116 Panzer Division ‘Der Windhund’

If you were to have watched TV recently, you might be forgiven for thinking that re-enactors are a danger, a menace to society, or a bunch of misguided extremists. Nothing of course could be further from the truth, as shown by the display of the 116 Panzer Division 'Der Windhund' at the recent 1940s show held at Rougham.

Being the only group there re-enacting German, the ‘Windhund’ managed to confound public preconceptions. Far from being pariahs they found themselves very much the centre of attention! After some confusion on the Saturday surrounding the Black Panzer Uniform and to allay any misunderstanding the group adapted their approach and on the Sunday the 116 impressed the public with a display of the many different uniforms a member of a Panzer Division may have worn during the period 1944 – 45. The group re-enacts Panzergrenadiers (Motorised infantry) of 116 Panzer, and form a machine gun squad: although recently with the group growing they have managed to diversify, and can now boast vehicles, flak guns and more.

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