German Grenade Fragmentation Sleeve

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German Grenade Fragmentation Sleeve

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German Grenade Fragmentation Sleeve


Reproduction fragmentation sleeve for Potato Masher Grenades.

The Splitterring was a fragmentation sleeve for the M24 and M43 Stielhandgranate developed in 1942.

German stick grenades only had thin steel casing surrounding the explosives, this relied on the blast for effect. The addition of the Splitterring greatly enhanced the antipersonnel fragmentation ability.

A simple cylindrical metal sleeve with a serrated surface, these will clip over the head of a stick grenade with three hooks at the base which are secured with a tension ring.

The cylinder is approximately 6.5 cm wide and 7 cm tall. The metal is 3 mm thick.

Please note this listing is for the fragmentation sleeve only and does not include the grenade. 

We are only able to ship these fragmentation sleeves to mainland UK.

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