Denix K98 Customisation Guide

Here is a guide to make the already fantastic replica K98, even better with just a couple of hours work!



Step 1. Strip Down

Carefully remove the screws from the replica and ensure you don't damage the wood. Screws are located as shown.

Step 2. Prepare the Wood

Before doing anything else, you will need to prepare the wood. Take some sandpaper (we used 500 grit) and give it a light rub down.

Step 3. Wooden Furniture

We used black shoe polish, and worked that into and over the wooden parts. We let that dry overnight. Use a wood stain (we used dark oak). Apply this carefully along the wood. Once you have applied this, let it dry.

Step 4. Metalwork

You can do this section either by fitting the rifle back together, or doing this while the pieces are separated. Using a soft wire wool, run it gently over the edges of the metal parts. Then focus on areas that would see a lot of use. Around the trigger guard, the trigger itself, the slide for the cocking lever, the cocking handle etc.

The key is to not over do it! Remember, these rifles were issued new to soldiers back during WW2. Prior to combat, they would have been used on the firing ranges, or for bayonet drills. They aren’t meant to look 80 years old!

The Finished Product

Overall, we are pretty pleased with the final result! A few hours work, and some effort, and you can really improve the look!

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