German Heer Belt Buckle - Superior

German Heer Belt Buckle - Superior

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German EM/NCO Belt Buckle

Superb Reproduction EM/ NCOs Belt buckle as worn by all regular troops of the German Heer during WW2

The German belt buckle came into existence in 1936 after the end of the Weimar Republic although the style itself was kept the same. The new buckles adopted the Wehrmacht Eagle and was worn throughout the Heer in different colours, dependant on the theater of war and the uniform it was to be worn with.

Originally the buckles would have had the leather tab attached which would be stitched to the belt however in later years this was dropped to save leather. There was a difference between what people would class as an "Early War" buckle and a "Mid - Late War" and that was the finish, the early buckles tended to have a pebbled finish around the Emblem whereas the later buckles were a smooth finish although pebbled buckles were still produced until the end of the war by some manufacturers.

The motiff is slightly domed and features the Heer eagle and "GOTT MIT UNS" (God With Us) aswell as the oakleaves on the bottom and a twisted rope border. To the rear of the buckle are the twin prongs on the right side for attaching to the belt itself and the catch on the left side.

This is a great reproduction of the early style buckle, injection moulded in aluminium and manufacturer stamped to the rear, we've even had a few colloctors say to us they they couldn't believe it was a reproduction!

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