British WW2 Spitfire Cufflinks

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British WW2 Spitfire Cufflinks

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British WW2 Spitfire Cufflinks

A pair of brand new WW2 inspired Spitfire cufflinks. Great quality with fine detailing of the Spitfire silhouette over the iconic RAF roundel. 

The Supermarine Spitfire was designed in the 1930's by R.J. Mitchell, and the prototype (K5054) first took to the skies on the 5th March 1936. Little were the team to know that they were witnessing the birth of an icon! A single seat, monoplane fighter aircraft, it saw service primarily with the RAF, although it did equip other nations air force's. Initially armed with 8 .303 machine guns (4 in each wing), the fighter gained its fame whilst defending the skies over Britain alongside other RAF fighter aircraft such as the Hawker Hurricane in the summer on 1940. This was to be known as the Battle of Britain, and some would say the Spitfire's 'Finest Hour'!

Throughout the war, The Spitfire was to go through many design changes, with the addition of heavier weapons such as Cannons, High Altitude variants used for Photo Reconissaince, 'Clipped' wings to help the 'roll rate', and even a naval version was made to fly from aircraft carriers (Known as the 'Seafire'). Eventually the Spitfire would be developed through 24 different 'Marks' most of which with many sub-variants within each mark.

Cuff links sold with a quality presentation box.

Made from Brass, design is approximately 2cm diameter.

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