WW2 US Atabrine Vial

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WW2 US Atabrine Vial

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Reproduction WW2 US Atabrine Vial

Reproduction WW2 US Atabrine Vials.

These hard to find vials are made from black plastic with a screw top lid. 

Atabrine (also known as Atrabine) was a tablet form of the well known Malaria treatment developed in Germany. During WW2 the US army experienced epidemic numbers of malaria cases amongst troops fighting in the South Pacific. As a preventative measure Atabrine tablets were issued as part of first aid kits. However troops were reportedly reluctant to take the medication amongst fears of long last side effects. As a result NCOs and medics had to monitor troops in the mess line to ensure that they took their medication with their evening meal. 

These vials measure approximately 6.5 cm in height and approximately 1.8 cm in diameter. 

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