WW1 Saxony Green Leather Pickelhaube

WW1 Saxony Green Leather Pickelhaube

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Imperial German Leather Helmet in green with the golden crest of Saxony

Reproduction of the 19th/20th Century Saxony Pickelhaube.

These helmets were still in use at the beginning of the Great War but were slowly phased out due to the shortage of leather and practicality of design being reduced to all but ceremonial function by the end of the war. They are made from a green hardened leather to give the glossy finish and trimmed in gold coloured metal.

These particular helmets are like the 1915 model and feature the detachable top spike and would have been worn minus the spike when serving at the front. They will fit head sizes of 57-59cm.

These helmets are all individually hand made and have an individual craftsman's finish rather than a mass produced, machine made feel and look. They are wonderful display pieces; top reproductions of the famous Pickelhaube helmet.

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