WW1 German/Prussian Cuirassier Pickelhaube - Silver

WW1 German/Prussian Cuirassier Pickelhaube - Silver

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Imperial German Metal Cavalry Helmet

Reproduction of the 19th/20th Century Prussian Cuirassier Pickelhaube, in silver coloured metal.

All the metal versions of the Pickelhaube were worn mainly by Cuirassiers (cavalry) but were popular with high ranking officers as well often being seen worn by them in official pictures/portraits. These were often referred to as Lobster-tail helmets by allied forces due to the distinctive shape of the rear neck guard.

This silver type version is that worn by Cuirassiers of the line since 1842.

These will fit head sizes 57-59cm.

These helmets are all individually hand made and have an individual craftsmens finish rather than a mass produced machined made feel and look.

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