Russian NAVY BLUE Stripe WINTER Telnyashka Jumper

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Russian NAVY BLUE Stripe WINTER Telnyashka Jumper

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Russian Winter Telnyashka Jumper

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Genuine Winter Issue Russian Navy Telnyashka with Navy Blue stripes.

These winter variants of the Telnyashka are heavier and much warmer than our regular issues. They're perfect as a jumper or warm top for the winter months, or equally as a thick, long-sleeve t-shirt, offering better protection against the colder weather. We source these 100% cotton tops from the same manufacturer that currently supplies the Russian Military; the label attached authenticates this.

The genuine quality of these shine through. Made from quality 300g/m2 cotton, these are NOT cheap mass made thin imitations but the real thing. They are great tops; stylish, comfortable and made from a quality cotton that you can feel as soon as you touch them.

The logo in the top left of the label means that this product is certified and corresponds to the established quality standards of the Russian Federation. The text along the base of the label indicating that the garment corresponds to the requirements of the Ministry of Defence of Russia. Another picture is of the inside of the top; showing the thickness and warmth of the interlaced cotton material.

Brand new, hand wash only.

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