German M24 Stick Grenade Framed Blueprint

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German M24 Stick Grenade Framed Blueprint

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We keep low stock levels of these blueprints so we can provide a larger range of designs. Occasionally we might be out of stock; you can still order but it may take an extra 2-3 weeks for your order to be delivered. If this is the case we will contact you to let you know.

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These wonderfully designed framed military blueprints showcase the design of some of the most famous technical developments of WW2. We have selected a range of aircraft, tanks, weapons and more to present in impressive detail, all framed and set as a unique display piece for anyone's collection. These are modern imaginings of how several famous items and vehicles will have looked during their development in a ‘patent print’ style. They are available with either a simple off-white background, which shows off the intricate detailing of the artwork, or in the striking blue of a blueprint style piece.

This particular design is of the German M24 stick grenade. Originally used in WW1, the M24 was standard issue to the German Wehrmacht during WW2. Featuring a long wooden handle, the grenade could be thrown further than its traditional counterparts. The M24 relied on a concussion effect instead of using fragmentation. This made the grenade highly effective in tight and confined spaces. However, the M24 was much less effective in open spaces compared to the grenades used by Allied forces.

Each print is A4 sized and comes pre-assembled in a black frame. We‘re really excited about these products and are sure they will make a fantastic gift...whether to a loved one or just for yourself!

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