Original South African 83 Pattern Battle Jacket

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Original South African 83 Pattern Battle Jacket

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Original South African 83 Pattern Battle Jacket

Original South African 83 Pattern Battle Jacket.

The South African 83 Pattern webbing system replaced the outdated and heavy-duty 70 Pattern webbing set. Outsourced to the private camping and outdoor industry for design, the 83 Pattern proved immensely popular both with South African and foreign forces, including the SAS during the Gulf Wars. Although officially discontinued in 2015, it is not uncommon to find 83 Pattern equipment still being used by South African forces today.

This 83 Pattern Battle Jacket was a comfortable, lightweight solution to the needs of the South African military. It features six double magazine pouches designed for the R4 assault rifle across the chest and waist. On each hip is a large pouch for carrying water, bandages, tools or more ammunition, while small pockets are designed for grenades or other small items of kit. On the rear of the webbing are two more pouches secured by zippers, one of which has an opening for a hydration system hose. There is additional strapping for securing a bed roll or larger pack to the rear.

The entire rig is made from condura nylon, which is both durable and waterproof. It is finished in naturia brown and is designed to hold dirt, allowing it to build a natural camouflage. Two quick release belts around the waist mean that the battle jacket can quickly be removed, while padding along the adjustable shoulder, hip and back straps ensure a comfortable fit.

Surplus South African 83 Pattern Battle Jacket in an excellent condition that is ready for use.

Please note that due to their surplus nature there may be some signs of wear or some variation in design. 

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