Brown Cotton Shemagh

Brown Cotton Shemagh

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High quality 100% cotton shemagh in brown.

These are excellent quality 100% cotton Shemaghs in Brown.

Shemaghs have been worn by both militaries and civilians alike for many years. They were originally known as Keffiyeh, with the term 'shemagh' coming from the Turkish word 'yasmak', translating loosely to 'tied thing'.

These particular items are of excellent quality and are made from a thicker and softer 100% cotton fabric than most other Shemaghs, making them even more comfortable. Measuring 110 x 110 cm, these Shemaghs give you plenty of material to allow you to wear them in a myriad of styles. These Shemahgs are thicker than average and are more suited to the temperate climate of the UK.

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