US Bazooka With Sling

US Bazooka With Sling

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US Bazooka With Sling

US M1A1 Bazooka  - Reproduction of the iconic Second World War weapon, used by the US Army in WW2 and widely distributed to Allied forces.  It was designed to tackle armour and fortifications at short range, using a shaped charge warhead on a rocket.

Our Bazooka has the same features as the originals, including the 3 range forward and rear sights, wooden hand grip and stock, metal face guard and a sprung trigger mechanism. It also features a space in the stock for batteries as per the originals, which would power the circuit, as well as the circuit indicator bulb.

The sling included is a reproduction M1 Garand Webbing sling, as would have been used during WW2.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions

Our Replica Imitation Firearms (RIF’s) are sold as props for the use of films, theatres and re-enactment purposes. We can only ship them to mainland UK addresses via courier.

Due to the current British law it is currently illegal to sell this reproduction firearm to anyone under the age of 18, and we may only sell these items to the following people or organisations:

- Museums or galleries 
- Theatrical proformances 
- Films and television programmes
- Historical re-enactment or military vehicle groups
- Crown servants for the purpose of employment

On purchase we will require proof that you are a member of one of the above groups. Acceptable proof would be one of the following:

- A letter from the museum or theatre company 
- A letter from the commissioning film/TV company
- A copy of your re-enactment group or military vehicle group membership card and the relevant insurance certificate
- Proof of requirement for use in conjunction with employment e.g. a letter from a commanding officer confirming the use is for the purpose of employment.

Please forward us the relevant documentations by email to 

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