Original Swiss Military Range Finders

Original Swiss Military Range Finders

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Original Swiss Military Range Finders

Original Swiss Military Range Finders.

These genuine Swiss army range finders come in a metal carry case with light brown leather carrying strap. They have the tripod legs strapped to the outside as well as a variety of different pouches. The range finders themselves are made from a strong metal and have leather reinforced areas. These range finders can under correct conditions can measure distances between 300 - 7,000 meters. There are two large black rubber bumper sections on both ends of the range finders. The majority of the range finders have a black plaque with 'Wild Heerbrugg, 1960, Basis 80 cm V = 11,25' engraved on them.

These hard to find Swiss range finders have some variation in design as well as some signs of wear.

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