Original French Tanker Helmet

Original French Tanker Helmet

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Original French Tanker Helmet - one size up to 57cm head.

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Original French Tanker Helmet

The padded "anti-shock" tank helmet is for wearing inside a tank and is for protection against bumps and knocks against the metal shell of the tank.

Manufactured in France in the early-mid 1990's, these French Tanker Helmets are in an amazing condition for their age. Due to the fantastic condition they're in, it seems the majority of these helmets were either unissued or at least, hardly ever used. They really are well put together.

The helmets are made of a plastic material with padding which is well ventilated throughout.

As well as an additional, removable protective pad on the underside of the helmet roof, you can select a helmet with the option of a removable, washable inner lining which can be worn separately to the rest of the helmet if so required. Inside the lining are 2 removable cloth pads which would sit against the forehead and the nape of the neck for added comfort. There's also an adjustable, hook and loop chin strap with a lovely soft leather chin cup to help secure the helmet in place.

A fantastic piece of kit which is a must for any tank enthusiasts or reenactors out there.

Please note: These helmets come in one size and are adjustable to fit head sizes up to 57cm. We cannot guarantee these items will fit larger sizes.

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