Fancy Dress Party Costumes

Fancy Dress Party Costumes

We've put together some great sets of our favourite products, to make sure you have the best costume at the next fancy dress party!

With fancy dress costumes for Pirates, Army Soldiers and the Apocalypse, including great re-usable products like our Vintage Telnyashkas, Viper Sunglasses and Camo Clothing, these items are the real deal rather than cheap plastic props. Why buy a plastic Army set when you can have a real helmet and jacket for less than £20!

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  1. Russian Soldier Costume Set
    Russian Soldier Costume Set
    In stock
  2. Vietnam Tiger Stripe Costume Set
    Vietnam Tiger Stripe Costume Set

    From US$43.98

    Out of stock
  3. Desert Combat Fancy Dress Set
    Army Desert Costume Set

    From US$33.84

    In stock
  4. US Fighter Pilot Costume Set
    US Fighter Pilot Costume Set

    From US$23.82

    Out of stock
  5. Pirate Costume Set
    Pirate Costume Set

    From US$25.71

    In stock
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