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Epic Militaria - WWII American & British - WWII British Insignia

WWII British Insignia

Please find below our range of World War Two reproduction British Insignia. All our WWII insignia are hand embroidered using quality materials, and based on WW2 designs.

Sections include British Army Infantry shoulder titles, Guards shoulder flashes, Armour badges and support services. There are also sections for Airborne/Paratrooper, Commando/Special Forces like the SAS badges. Our range of shoulder titles covers the many infantry regiments, commando brigades, airborne/paratrooper units, armour and other specialist services that fought for the British Army and British Navy in WWII. We also have sections with the standard Divisional badges, combined ops and the Parachute and Pilot wings. We will be adding more badges to these sections over in the near future.

Sections In WWII British Insignia
British Rank Insignia British Rank Insignia
Rank stripes and slides for British uniforms.
RAF Wings and Badges RAF Wings and Badges
WW2 RAF Wings
WW2 British Army Infantry Shoulder Titles WW2 British Army Infantry Shoulder Titles
UK Infantry and Foot Shoulder flashes
WW2 British Tank and Armour Shoulder Titles WW2 British Tank and Armour Shoulder Titles
Royal Armoured Unit shoulder titles
Guards Shoulder Titles Guards Shoulder Titles
British Guards divisional shoulder titles
UK Airborne/Paratrooper Shoulder Titles UK Airborne/Paratrooper Shoulder Titles
British Para/Airborne Shoulder Flashes
Commando/SAS Shoulder Titles Commando/SAS Shoulder Titles
Royal Marine/Commando/Special Forces Shoulder flahes
Other Shoulder Titles Other Shoulder Titles
Support, Artillery, Engineers, Police, RAF shoulder titles
Parachute & SAS Wings Parachute & SAS Wings

UK Patches/Insignia UK Patches/Insignia
British Divisional Patches
Other British Other British
Something Different...
British Buttons British Buttons

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Epic Militaria in no way subscribe to any Nazi or right wing views
and the items we sell are purely to customers for re-enactment and military history purposes only.

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