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Epic Militaria - WW2 German Insignia

WW2 German Insignia

Please find below our range of WW2 German Insignia, here you will find all our World War Two German Insignia including cloth patches, shoulder boards, metal badges, Rings, Awards, etc. as worn by the Wehrmacht in WWII.  


The German forces wore a wide variety of insignia, different eagle types, Waffenfarbe service colours, Enlisted Man, NCO and Officer versions, the range is huge.  We have tried to cover all the main insignia worn during WW2.  Sections are broken down into Army/Heer Insignia,   Kriegsmarine Insignia, Luftwaffe Insignia, Waffen-SS Insignia, and then further sections covering insignia that would have been worn by all branches of the German Forces in WW2.

Sections In WW2 German Insignia
German Armbands German Armbands
WWII German Cotton and Wool Armbands
German Shoulder Boards German Shoulder Boards
German Epaulettes and Shoulder Boards
WW2 Style German Rings WW2 Style German Rings
Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, FJ, Army Silver Rings
Army/Heer Insignia Army/Heer Insignia
German Army World War Two Heer Insignia
Kriegsmarine Insignia Kriegsmarine Insignia
German WW2 Navy/Kriegsmarine Insignia
Luftwaffe Insignia Luftwaffe Insignia
German WWII Luftwaffe/Fallschirmjager Insignia
Waffen-SS Insignia Waffen-SS Insignia
German World War Two Waffen-SS Insignia
Awards-Medals-Iron Crosses Awards-Medals-Iron Crosses
WW2 German Combat Awards, Medals and Iron Crosses
WW1 Insignia WW1 Insignia
Reproduction medals and decorations of WW1.
Other WW2 German Insignia Other WW2 German Insignia
Various - rank, trade, award, pin badges, etc

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Epic Militaria in no way subscribe to any Nazi or right wing views
and the items we sell are purely to customers for re-enactment and military history purposes only.

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