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This a webpage we have on our website, in which we hope to publish a number of interesting articles about World War Two re-enacting, feature re-enactment groups and to list upcoming events and shows.

If you would like to write an article, feature your group or publicise an upcoming event please get in contact with us. We also have a Blog, on which we'd love to feature some of the re-enactment groups we work with.


1st Infantry Division Living History Group

One of the longest running groups in the UK, the 1st Infantry Living History Group are dedicated to representing the men of E Company, 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division. The group takes part in displays throughout the year up and down the country, from small local shows to large multi-period events involving 100+ re-enactors if you’re interested in joining us or just want to know at little more on the history of this great unit check out our web site or facebook page.

1st Infantry Living History Group


9 Panzer Aufklarung

We had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience 2015! They are a Norwegian-based reenactment group portraying the 9. Panzer Aufklärung from the 9. Panzer Division of the German Army during the second world war. Check out the website below for info and a link to their Facebook page.

9 Panzer Aufklarung Norwegian Group


D-Day Soldier - U.S Airborne Engineers & The Royal Engineers of the Second World War

As a group, we have been established since 2011, re-enacting, teaching and taking part in mock-battles throughout the UK. Established as a interpretation, re-enactment group focused on world war two mock-battles, we were already veterans of the Living History side of re-enactment, and experienced mock-battle participants. In founding the group our aim was to incorporate living history display into event battle areas, where not only public interaction could be encouraged but also a standing base from where mock-battle scenario conditions could be commenced and replicated in a more authentic manner.

D-Day Soldier Homepage

D Day Soldier Reenactment Group


Irish Lads with a passion for WW2 - Battle Group Centre is an Irish non-political reenactment group dedicated to preserving the memory of the WW2 German soldier through public displays and film work. Battlegroup Centre is dedicated to portraying the German WW2 Soldier as accurately as research and materials will allow as well as to better educate ourselves and the public at large about this part of history that is often overlooked or misinterpreted. We carefully research and document all of our uniforms, equipment,and items and also train in the use and maintenance of all weapons used by the group we work towards keeping history alive for future generations to learn from. We appear at military shows and festivals throughout Ireland and seek to present the uniforms and weapons of the WW2 period in an accurate manner. BGC also participates in period movies and productions. Our members have appeared in such works as Ireland’s Nazis, Kruger’s Justice and Backtrack (2014). For more information please visit our website:

Irish Battle Group Centre


ACE Mobile Living History Group consists of civilian and former military members, portraying an All-Arms Light Role Recce Troop from the British contingent to the Allied Mobile Force. This was a little-known but strategically important force during the Cold War, as it protected Europe on NATO's southern and northern-most flanks. Attending living history and reenactment events throughout the year, the group displays equipment and vehicles typical of a forward force from ACE Mobile, aiming to educate, entertain and inform the public whilst raising funds for military charities.

 ACE Mobile Living History Group

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - New lads on the block

2013 holds some exciting changes to our society with some fantastic new members, many long distance events and shows to attend, a new blank firing mortar has joined the family for our new display and some great media photo shoots. Defend Britain's key objective is to bring history to life. With members from all walks of life, the group is entirely made up of volunteers who give up spare time to re-create life like scenes for the public and other organisations. Defend Britain, have members in its society who are accurately qualified and trained by the National Army Museum London.

There are many reasons to join our society and many more reasons to visit our website, we are always on the lookout for new members with fresh new minds to open the hobby further for us!

To find out more about the group, you can visit their website at

"Some members of Defend Britain portraying part of British Section on Campaign”
Defend Britain Group

Exciting times ahead for GD Recon!

GD Recon portray rifle men of an armored reconnaissance unit within the elite 'Grossdeutschland' Division that mainly saw active service on the Russian front during World War II.

2013 sees them taking an exciting change of direction with new members, new shows to attend, new ideas for displays and photoshoots and also strengthening links with English Heritage and Event Plan.

Members have many reasons for joining the group. Some have a keen historical interest in WWII, some have interest in the weapons and tactics used, others join for the 'Kameradschaft', but the main aim is to share the knowledge that they have about the conflict and the soldiers that fought in it.

They are always on the lookout for motivated recruits with historical knowledge and a genuine interest in WWII and especially 'Grossdeutschland' (an interest in German beer is also helpful for when the public goes home!).

To find out more about the group, you can visit their website at
GD Recon

Spreading the word about Axis Re-enactment, with the 116 Panzer Division ‘Der Windhund’

If you were to have watched TV recently, you might be forgiven for thinking that re-enactors are a danger, a menace to society, or a bunch of misguided extremists. Nothing of course could be further from the truth, as shown by the display of the 116 Panzer Division 'Der Windhund' at the recent 1940s show held at Rougham. Being the only group there re-enacting German, the ‘Windhund’ managed to confound public preconceptions. Far from being pariahs they found themselves very much the centre of attention! After some confusion on the Saturday surrounding the Black Panzer Uniform and to allay any misunderstanding the group adapted their approach and on the Sunday the 116 impressed the public with a display of the many different uniforms a member of a Panzer Division may have worn during the period 1944 – 45. The group re-enacts Panzergrenadiers (Motorised infantry) of 116 Panzer, and form a machine gun squad: although recently with the group growing they have managed to diversify, and can now boast vehicles, flak guns and more.

Windhund Reenactment