Other German Surplus

We have populated this section with surplus items from Germany which are ideal for WW2 reenactors. Some of the items are post war, but they're all great for renactors.

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  1. Original German MG3 Ammo Tin

    These original ammo tins were made for the German Bundeswehr to store ammunition for MG3s. Their similarities to the MG34 and MG42 tins of WW2 make them ideal for reenactors.
  2. Original German Walther P38 Magazine - Thumbnail

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    Original German Walther P38 Magazine.

    These mags are made from steel and are a previously used item - though still in great condition.

  3. Original German Walther P1 Magazine - thumbnail

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    Original German Walther P1 Magazine.

    The P1 was developed in the late 50's as a direct replacement for the wartime P38, it was designed to be a little lighter than the original, but it is primarily the same in design.

  4. Original German Bread Bag - Blue

    These are Post-WW2 cotton bread bags, practically identical to the ones issued in WW2.

    We recently picked up a batch of these from Germany.

  5. German Army Dust protection Glasses - original

    These are original WW2 German Dust Protection Goggles/glasses (Augenschützer 42).

    These goggles were mass produced in two basic varieties the clear dust protection lenses on offer here and the darkened sun protection variety.

  6. Original Belt Loop (black)

    Original black leather belt loop with square ring.

    Some of these have a faint manufacturers stamp and date, most are dated 1943.

  7. Original WW2 Luftwaffe Breadbag Strap

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